Search process

The archive has two comfortable ways of access:

A. Search process via ARCHIVE:

  1. A mouse-click on ARCHIVE brings a sample of 10 photos to the screen.
  2. Move the cursor over the word Open Chapters and the different chapters of the image-bank will appear.
  3. Move the cursor over one ot these chapters (for example "work"), immediately a number of sub-chapters will appear. The structure of the archive is two to three levels deep.
  4. Click into the chapter, sub-chapter or sub-sub-chapter of your choice. All the pictures related to this topic will appear on the screen.

B. Search process via SEARCH:

  1. Click the SEARCH-button
  2. Enter one, two or three keywords.
  3. Combine these keywords with AND, OR or NOT if necessary
  4. Choose "search all chapters" or select a certain chapter in the pull-down menu.
  5. Click START SEARCH and all the related photos will be displayed on the screen.

If the search process finds more than 10 photos you can find the total numbers of matching photos below the pictures. In order to look at the next 10 photos just click >> in the right lower corner of the screen.

Details of the photos
  • The numbers above the photos are the numbers in our real archive and you need these numbers for ordering.
  • Below the photo you will find the short title and the country of origin.
  • The photos are first displayed as thumbnails, 10 photos at a time. If you click into one ot these thumbnails, this particular photo will be enlarged with additional informations.
Shopping basket
If you click this sign, you put a photo into a shopping basket
If you click this sign, you remove the photo from the shopping basket
Illuminated desk
After clicking on Shopping Basket you will see the selected photos in thumbnail size.
For better comparison you can select two enlarged photos at a time. There are two ways to accomplish this:

Version 1

Click into two thumbnails of your choice. The selected photos will be displayed automatically in a new window side by side in the bigger size.

Version 2

  • Enter the numbers of two selected thumbnails into the empty rectangle below the photos.
  • Click on "Illuminated desk"; the zwo enlarged photos will appear side by side.
  • Apply this method if you wish to compare photos which are displayed on different pages in the shopping basket (e.g. you have selected more than 10 photos).
  • Please note the respective numbers and insert them into the empty rectangle.
Max. image sizes
Digitalised slides:
5782 x 3946 Pixel
ca. 73 x 50 cm (4000 dpi)

Digital images:
3264 x 2448 Pixel
27,6 x 20,7 cm (300 dpi)

Protection of the Online-Photos
All online-photos in the bigger size are protected against illegal download. If you order a photo this protection will be removed.
Delivery procedure

Delivery on CD-ROM (by mail)
The selected photos will be transferred to a CD-ROM and sent to you by airmail, express mail or through a courier service.

For additional costs see list of prices and GTB.

Original slides
On request we can send you the original slide by airmail, express mail or through a courier service.

Prices see list of prices and GTB.

We can print the selected photos up to size of 50 x 70 cm and deliver them as a poster or fixed on aluminium or hardplastic.

Prices depend on size and fixation. Please enquire.

Slide duplicates
We can send you slide duplicates for lectures and other use in schools on a non-commercial basis.

Prices on request.

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